Our solution FutureScape theatre provides a highly specialized design services for the theatre industry, focused around enabling digital technologies to be implemented in stage sets in older theatres. The company offers design and implementation services in the following areas: Digital set building to include LED/OLED, laser and 3D projection componentry. Implementation of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions within existing theatre footprints. The implementation of Metaverse-based theatre extensions, to deliver different types of virtual reality experience. Set building is a complicated engineering task, as parts of the set are likely to be extremely heavy, cumbersome and need to be mov...
3.81 Square meters
Grand theatre
1404 Seat
The multi-function theater
504 Seat
The film and television hall
170 Seat

The performance
The performance
The performance
The performance

The marketing plan for the business revolves heavily around the personal contacts of the owner and the engagement of some earned media. The key to the marketing approach is that set building and early-stage show conceptualization requires a network within show producers and theatre owners. As the owner is a theatre professional and has extensive contacts within the industry, this will form the basis of the outreach strategies. Indeed, the very idea for t...

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